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Thanks for visiting our blog!

We’re happy you’re here and look forward to connecting with you.

Like you, we enjoy visiting, reading and writing blogs for many reasons. Chief among these is the ability to participate in conversations with those who read, write and share opinions about the topics in which we share an interest.

We welcome and encourage all to participate in conversations in the comment sections of our posts, where you’ll also find our comments mingling from time to time.

That being said, we do ask that everyone keep it cool and abide by these six simple rules while here:

1.       Stay on topic

2.       Keep it productive: Please move conversation along in a manner that encourages continued positive discourse.

3.       Keep it clean: No nasty words, please.

4.       Avoid attacks: No personal verbal attacks, threats of violence or other illegal acts will be tolerated.

5.       No Spamming allowed

6. Make connections and have fun!

We reserve the right to remove posts and/or ban users repeatedly violating the terms outlined above.

These opinions are our own

This blog does not represent official communications from Marion County Farm Bureau. The views expressed on this blog are solely those of the authors and/or any guest contributors contained herein.

The authors of this blog reserve the right to amend, append or otherwise modify these policies.





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