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Beans to Bacon November 9, 2011

Posted by scottisler in Corn & Soybeans, Meet a Farmer, Pigs & Pork.
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Thank you for following our soybean project over the growing season.  We are currently planning the second phase where we will be following a pig farm.  Through this blog we will be following a pig from birth to market.  Please tune in to see more.

You might remember Scott in a previous Meet a Farmer video


Harvest! It’s time to harvest the soybeans. October 19, 2011

Posted by jprettyman99 in Corn & Soybeans.
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After eight months, the soybeans are ready for harvest. Remember back that we made a pre-planting strategy, planted the seeds, watched for pests and weeds, waited for the soybeans to mature, and now we are in the field for harvest. Check out the combine cutting the soybeans and loading the truck for transport.