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Cy Prettyman

My passion is agriculture.  I’m always charged up about farming, spending time with farmers, or telling anyone who will listen about farming.  My livelihood depends on both grain and livestock farming.  On one hand, I grow corn and soybeans with my dad, and then I work as a swine and beef feed consultant.  

If I could convince the world of anything, it would be that today’s American farmer produces a safe, abundant, and affordable food supply for the world.  If people want to know and understand where their food comes from, how it is grown, why the prices are up, they should go directly to the source.  Ask a farmer… about farming.

Julie Prettyman

I’m a “farm wife”.  Anyone who has had or has this role knows there is no simple explanation to all the duties this job entails.  I am still looking for the cookbook – Meals Made For The Field.  All recipies would meet the following criteria: 1) items that taste like a delicious, hot, homemade meal, 2) items wrapped in foil so they can be eaten with one hand, 3) items with five minute preparation time and 4) items that will hold for an indefinite length of time and not be soggy.  I grew up on a family farm and have plenty of stories about my sisters.  Today I work full-time in the marketing field.  And one of my most time consuming hobbies is rebuilding our farm house room by room.  For motivation we repeat often – “It will look good when we get it done.”



1. Real Life Farm Wife - August 17, 2011

Julie, I’m a farm wife too. If you ever write that cookbook, please send me a copy!

jprettyman99 - August 22, 2011

Problem is… I must confess am not a very good cook. So writing a cookbook is most likely not in my future.

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