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Baby Pigs and Their Moms April 13, 2012

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Today we are visiting the farrowing house.  This is a farming term for the barn where baby pigs are born and taken care of by their moms and farmers.  Similar to the maternity suite at the hospital.

Baby pigs are approximately three pounds at birth.  A sow (mother pig) typically births 12-14 babies in a litter.  The babies will be up and moving almost immediately.  Their first instinct is to find their mother’s milk.  Her first milk is called colostrum; it contains maternal antibodies and is especially high in nutrients.  Colostrum is important to helping the baby pigs start out healthy.

The babies and their mom’s will stay in this barn for approximately 21 days.  They will grow to 12-15 pounds in that short time.  All the features of the barn are set up to keep them warm, provide a constant feed and water source, and a clean environment.


First Look at the Pigs April 2, 2012

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We’ve showered in.  Now we’re in the barn.  Check out the pigs. 

The barn temperture is adjusted to meet the needs of the pigs, always keeping them in their comfort zone. The barn is well insulated with a  state-of-the-art ventilation system to constantly circulate fresh air to for the pigs.  Just like your house, Scott ensures the barn is clean and well maintained.

The pigs in this barn are approximately three weeks old.  They weigh about twelve to fifteen pounds.  The pigs have a constant source of food and water at all times.  It is important to keep the water fresh and cool for drinking.  The food is a well-balanced complete ration containing  the correct protein, energy, vitamins and minerals that the pigs need.  Pigs generally do not eat grass or hay like a cow.