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Welcome to our Pig Farm March 20, 2012

Posted by jprettyman99 in Pigs & Pork.
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We’re kicking off the Beans to Bacon Follow Farming.  We hope to show you around the operation of a pig farm.

Welcome to Scott and Tracie Isler’s farm.  They grow market hogs.  The words hogs, pigs and swine are three common words for the same thing.  Isler’s raise pigs from birth to market.

It’s their passion. Scott works fulltime on the farm with his brother and other family members.  Tracy also helps on the farm and teaches school.  They love farming and hope this Follow Farming project will show you more about pigs.



1. Marti Peralta - September 1, 2012

The pork industry has been in many places being tech, compared to the U.S. because everything is in chains or processes. The idea of being able to offer the consumer an idea of what is done in producing farms Meat is interesting, especially the work of hygiene and food handling. In my country, there are tools that help small farmers to seek effective methods of food production as http://www.agronet.gov.co and to find this example in the pig industry on this issues is very helpful. Thanks a lot.

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