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Beans Tightly Packed in Pod September 8, 2011

Posted by jprettyman99 in Project Updates.
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Looking across our Soybean Field

An early morning check of the field today shows the soybean plants are still green. In our area, we are just starting to see a few fields that are “turning”.  When farmers say “the field is turning”, they are referring to the plants starting to dry down and the plant will start to look yellow and brown.  As you can see, our whole field is still green.

3 beans tightly packed in pod

The BIGGEST change since our last update is how much the soybeans have grown.  We don’t mean the plants themselves (they are still approximately 3-feet high).  Rather the soybeans INSIDE the pods are much bigger.  The soybeans are as green as grass right now. When we harvest them, they will be golden yellow/brown. Take a look at the picture which shows how tight the three soybeans are lined up inside the pod.

Our area has continued to have regular rain falls.  All the crops (mostly soybeans and corn) in our local area look good.  Harvest is about a month away!    

Plants are loaded with pods



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